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MHS 91-93 Master of Health Sciences/ Rehab Counseling University of Florida

[MSW] 87-89 Master of Social Work [course work only] Barry University

BS 82-86 Bachelor of Science/ Social Science Florida Memorial College





2000-present Rehabilitation Consultant/ .....Dr. John M. Williams & Associates

1990-present Rehabilitation Consultant/ ..... President Westwind Consulting, Inc.

Provide rehabilitation and related services, including vocational evaluation, counseling, case management, and life care planning, particularly in cases involving physical and mental impairment. Work with attorneys, doctors, insurance carriers, and employers, in a range of settings including: personal injury, matrimonial dissolution, Social Security Disability, Railroad Retirement, workers' compensation, long-term disability, Jones Act, and employment law. Conduct various research and analyses on complex cases to help determine economic damages, hiring patterns, employability, and earning capacity.


1996-present Development Consultant/ Instructor/ .....Westwind Consulting, Inc.

Provide development, training, and tech support for LifeStep® vocational asses-sment software in cooperative arrangement with developer LegalTech, Inc.


1988-1990 Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor/ Evaluator/ .....ERS & VRM

Vocational Rehabilitation Management/ Employee Rehabilitation Services. Provided a broad range of traditional vocational rehabilitation and case management services to industrially injured workers.


1986-1988 Vocational Program Manager/ ..... Epilepsy Foundation of America/ FARF

Ran job training and placement program; promoted community education events (including presentations receiving television and newspaper coverage); conducted employer networking activities (including annual job fair reaching 200+ employers); and produced statistical analyses of program results.


1984-1988 Director/ .....Independent Living Project/ Halfway House

Designed and implemented community-based program geared to assist adults with severe disabilities to live and work independently. Program included daily coaching in: job finding and retention, budget management, and life-skills.


1984-1985 Intern Analyst/ .....City of Miami/Planning Dept./ Operations Analysis Division

Assisted in the design and execution of statistical work efficiency surveys of various City departments and programs.


1980-1984 Program Coordinator/ .....Tacolcy Outdoor Challenge Rehab Program

Provided support services, including job placement, counseling, and school and courtroom advocacy, to inner city youth with behavioral and/or legal problems.


1977-1980 Vocational Skills Counselor/ .....Montanari Clinical School/ Village South

Ran job skills training program for emotionally disturbed young adult residents.





CDMS 1991 National Commission Certified Disability Management Specialist

CVE 1993 National Commission Certified Vocational Evaluation Specialist

CCM 1993 National Commission Certified Case Manager

SS-VE 2000 Vocational Expert per Social Security Admin/ Ofc of Hearings & Appeals

RR-VE 2007 Vocational Expert per Railroad Retirement Board- Bureau/ Hearings & Appeals

IARP 1987 International Ass'n of Rehabilitation Professionals- Past National Chair of the

Forensic Section, 2003 Outstanding Individual Professional Member Award

VLP 2008 Executive Board Member- Victory Living Program for the disabled (501(c)3)

NAFE 2011 Member- National Association of Forensic Economists

AFRR 2011 Founding Mbr & Sect'y/Treas- Academy of Forensic Rehabilitation Research

AREA 2011 External Vice President/ Board Mbr- American Rehabilitation Economics Ass'n





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Williams, J. M., Dunn, P. L., Bast, S. & Giesen, J. (2006). Factors considered by vocational rehabilitation professionals in employability and earning capacity assessment. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, (in press).


Dunn, P.L., Williams, J.M., & Bast, S. (2005). Software Applications and Transferable Skills Analysis : A Comparison of Methodologies and Results. Journal of Forensic Vocational Analysis, 8, 11-19.


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Bast, S., Williams, J.W., & Dunn, P.L. (2002). The classic model of transferability of work skills: Issues affecting the accurate assessment of future vocational options in earnings capacity assessment. Journal of Forensic Vocational Analysis, 5(1), 15-28.





Forensic Rehabilitation Reference CD-ROM. (2002-2004). A compilation of: articles, forms, and other documents. International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, Santa Cruz, CA. Volumes #1(1), #1(2), & #2(1).


Florida Rehabilitation Quarterly. (1991-1998). The official (24-page) newsletter Edited: and journal of the Florida Chapter of the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (formerly FARPPS), (with first 4 issues co-sponsored by: Association of Rehabilitation Nurses, Case Management Society of America, and National Rehabilitation Association).





03/25/2006 "Assessing Earning Capacity from an Empirical & Scientific Perspective" with Williams, J.M., Dunn, P.L., & Grimley, C., presented at the Annual Educational Seminar of the American Board of Vocational Experts, Plantation, FL.


04/17/ 2005 "Ethics, HIPPA, Confidentiality, & Technology- in Private Rehabilitation" with Kenneth Reagles. Keynote general session, presented at the 25th Annual Conference of the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, Orlando, FL.


11/07/2003 "TSA Software Applications Compared- Methodology, Effectiveness and Defensibility"

with Williams, J.M.,McCroskey, B.J., Gibson,G., Truthan, J., & Dunn, P.L., at the Annual Forensic Conference of the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, San Antonio, TX.


04/25/2003 "Transferability of Skills Analysis: Defensibility Issues"

with Williams, J.M., and Dunn, P.L. Presented as part of a monthly series of TSA-related webcast educational programs sponsored by Westwind Consulting, for users of LifeStep© software.


12/07/2002 "Assessment of Transferable Work Skills within Forensic Settings"

with Stein, D.and Dunn, P.L. at the IARP Annual Forensic Conference, Orlando, FL.


12/07/2002 "Forensic Rehabilitation Research"

with Collins, F.at the Annual IARP Forensic Conference, Orlando, FL.


12/05/2002 "Vocational Testimony Simulations"

with Williams, J.M., Dunn, P.L., Wells, S. and others, at the Annual IARP, Orlando, FL.


05/31/2002 "Economic Damages In Florida"

with Lasaga, M.and Lessne, R.L. at the full day seminar: Economic Damages, delivered to a group of attorneys through the Lorman Education Service series of seminars, in Miami, FL.


09/16/1999 "Technology and Rehabilitation/Job Placement"

Annual Educational Seminar of the South Florida Case Management Association (SFCMA) & South Florida District of IARP (formerly NARPPS/FL-SE), Miami, FL.


06/041999 "Rehabilitation Research Technology"

Annual Educational Seminar of the NW Florida District State Division of Workers' Compensation and the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, Pensacola, FL.


11/13/1998 "Technology, Transferable Skills, and Job Placement"

Annual Educational Conference of the Florida Chapter of the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, Tampa, FL.


11/13/1998 "Use of Computerized Data in the Rehabilitation Practice"

Annual Educational Conference of the Florida Chapter of the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, Tampa, FL.


10/06/1998 "Maximizing Results with LifeStep Vocational Assessment Software"

The first of a series of monthly TSA-related educational programs presented to LifeStep© users, both in person and via small group Webcast/ Tele-Conference format, with CRCC pre-approved CEU's.


10/23/1997 "Internet and Rehab Practice"

with Jeffrey Bosworth/ Internet Access Group, at the Annual Educational Conference of the Florida Chapter of the Intl. Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, Tampa, FL.


01/22/1997 "Use of FL State Employment Data in the Vocational Rehabilitation process"

Part of the "Improved Career Support Services" seminar series co-sponsored by the Florida Bureau of Labor Market Statistics and the Florida Chapter of the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, St. Augustine, FL.


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